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Deck n Roof Cleaner
Deck n Roof Cleaner

This cleaner is designed to clean the dirtiest pine, cedar, redwood, cypress and birch decks and siding; asphalt shingle and cedar shake roofs; and badly stained and oil spotted concrete in the fastest and easiest way possible, removing dirt, grease, tree stains, baked-on pollen, mildew and algae stains, and weathering. It restores original color to your wood and makes asphalt and cedar shake shingle roofs look new. It cleans and whitens concrete, vinyl siding and fiberglass. This product is a concentrate that dilutes 9:1 with water, making 10 gal. and will clean about 2000 sq. ft.. It is water based, nontoxic, biodegradable and contains no solvents, phosphates or bleach. Being free of bleach, it will not harm shingles or bleach wood.

  • Spray on - wash off
  • Video on how to use this product can be seen at www.jomaps.com
  • Will not harm grass or shrubs
  • Will not harm wood or shingles
  • Will remove 15 years of weathering