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M-1 House Wash
M-1 House Wash

This is the world's finest all purpose cleaner, pressure washing concentrate and carpet shampoo and spot remover. It contains no solvents, chlorine, phosphates or abrasives. It is highly concentrated, water reducible and biodegradable. It removes dirt, grease, stains, odor and oxidation. It has great penetrating power and cleaning ability. It reduces up to 40:1 for pressure washing. It reduces up to 64:1 for shampooing. It replaces 90% of special cleaners and performs over 100 cleaning jobs. It is for interior and exterior use. A hang tag is placed on each bottle listing all the jobs it will perform and how to dilute for each.

  • There is no other pressure wash that can match the cleaning ability and performance of House Wash, It makes a dirty house look new; dilutes up to 40:1; can be used with or without bleach; no hand scrubbing is needed even on oxidation; can be used in a hand pump sprayer, A gallon of House Wash cut 40:1 will wash 8800 sq. ft.
  • Superior cleaning ability and penetrating power make House Wash the finest carpet shampoo and spot remover on the market. It gets the dirtiest carpets clean and has been acclaimed by consumers and professional cleaners alike to be the best, No defoamer is needed, Removes almost any spot or odor from carpets, Two ounces of House Wash per gallon of hot water is sufficient for shampooing most carpets, A quart of House Wash makes 16 gal. of shampoo, Carpets dry in less than 3 hours
  • Removes all chalking, oxidation, mildew stains, tree stains and dirt
  • Prepares any surface for painting